How does the TDC AirBox work?

Upon completion of your registration, a confirmation email containing the shipping address and box number will be sent to the registered email address. This address is used at checkout at any supplier at which your purchase is made. Once cargo is received an email confirmation is sent outlining the details of the package among other beneficial information. When your package arrives in St. Kitts, TDC Shipping Department will proceed to clear Customs and notify you when your package is available for collection.

How can I contact the local agent?

You can contact the TDC Group of Companies at 869-465-2511 ext 1122, 1185, 1186, 1204, 1390 and 1174.

What address do I send my packages to?
The Freight Forwarding address is; 4460 NW 74 Avenue
Miami, Florida 33166.

What is the cost to sign up?

It’s FREE. There are no fees associated with signing up.

Can a friend/family member use my account?

Yes. When a family member or friend uses the account, the shipping label should have the account holders name and box number to avoid delays at the Miami hub. Notifications will be sent to the email address assigned to the account. 

How long will it take for my items to arrive?

Transit time can vary based on several factors. Although we have flights arriving scheduled on Tuesdays and Fridays, circumstances can change at any given moment. Kindly contact the local office for more information.

Which items are prohibited?

All firearms, ammunitions, ALL camouflage clothing, cash, tear gas and pepper sprays are strictly prohibited from air forwarding. . Contact TDC Shipping Department for more information or see our Terms & Conditions for additional information.

Can I ship mail, catalogues, magazine and other similar printed subscriptions with your service?

Currently at this time we do not offer this service.

What items are considered HAZMAT?

Yes. Typical HAZMAT items included but not limited to perfume, nail polish, mouthwash, gels, aerosal sprays, hair products, shaving cream and other flammable substances. HAZMAT items attract an additional cost and would be held at the Miami hub until other items of similar nature is received to mitigate cost. Contact TDC Shipping Department for more information or see our Terms & Conditions for additional information.

Which days are flights scheduled to arrive?

Kindly see FAQ “How long will it take for my items to arrive?”.

What happens if my package arrived damaged?

Once a package is received damage on arrival (DOA), A claim can be submitted to TDC Shipping Department for processing.

How long can my packaged be held at the local warehouse?

Although it is recommended items are to be collected immediately, we understand there are unforeseen circumstances that delay collect. Items would be stored up to 30 days before being eligible for auction. The customer can contact TDC Shipping Department for additional information.

Can I send a perishable item to the Miami Hub?

Due to the high risks associated with perishable cargo, we are unable to cater to this type of cargo.

How will I know my package is ready for collection?

Account holders will be notified of each packaged received via the registered email address. Another notification will be sent containing an invoice once all fees and customs charges are levied. You can track the status of your package by logging into your account via the online portal.

Can my packaged be delivered to my home?

Yes, currently we offer FREE scheduled delivery ( Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays).Terms and conditions apply*

Where can my package be collected?

Packages can be collected from TDC Shipping Department located at CA Paul Industrial Site.

Can I consolidate my shipments?

Yes. We can consolidate cargo that arrives on the same flight, Free up to 10lbs.

Can I track my shipments?

Tracking can be done using our online portal via the secured login credentials.

When and how can I pay for my package(s)?

Payment is expected when you take possession of the cargo during pick-up or via our online payment platform . We accept all credit cards, debit cards, cheques and local currency.

Can Freight be paid in Miami?

No. All fees (Freight, Customs Duties, Taxes, Handling, etc.) are payable when cargo arrives to St. Kitts and Nevis. 

What is the cost of Freight?

An estimated freight cost can be generated using our freight calculator

Are their specialty rates for my cargo?

Please contact your local agency for a quote

What are costs that will be levied on my package?

Government imposed Duties, Taxes, etc can be estimated using the freight calculator. The calculator is only an estimate as the Customs and Excise department reserves the right to impose fees as they deem appropriate at time of inspection.

Can I return a package back to a supplier if the item arrived locally?

At this time, this service is not offered.

Is my package ineligible for insurance?

Insurance is mandatory on all packages. See our Terms & Conditions for additional information.

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