Company History

The Shipping Department was established after decentralization was introduced by the Company in 1989. The intention was to set up a number of profit centers that would function independent of each other, irrespective of their sizes or the services being offered.

The Department is made up of a team of professionals with over fifteen years of experience with offices ideally situated at C.A. Paul Southwell Industrial Site C.A. Paul Southwell Industrial Site, Basseterre , and Long Point, Charlestown, in close proximity to most of the major businesses, ports of call.

We have the largest array of principals in the maritime business, and as such, provides a wide range of maritime services to several carriers involved in the movement of containerized units, cement and steel products, vehicles, as well as, a host of non- unitized cargo.  The department also handles many Cruise Lines and Military vessels plying the waters of the Federation.

Moreover, the department provides an unusually high representation to Freight Forwarders and NVO’s (Non-Vessel Operators) seeking to transport less than container loads from the United States, and the Caribbean.

The Department provides importers with the opportunity to transfer goods between the islands of St. Kitts and Nevis, via the use of a chartered vessel, the M. V. Puerto Real, operated by the Shipping department. The vessel offers a daily service to and from Nevis but is nonetheless available for charter and excursions to neighbouring islands.

We provide logistic services to potential, as well as, actual clients and has provided valuable support to many logistic firms throughout the Region, and developed Countries.

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