Airbox Services


The Department has been providing a wide range of rental services since December 1989.  Thus, merchants’ houses, as well as, individuals seeking to move fully loaded containers can secure the requisite chassis to move their cargo.

Chassis Rental Rates

20ft Container             EC$150.00 per day

40ft Container             EC$150.00 per day

EC$50.00 after the first day of rental.

Forklift services

Daily Rate                    EC$100.00 per hour

Overtime Rate          EC$25.00 per hour (6 p.m. – 8 a.m.).  Weekend services also available.

All services subject 17% VAT and per rated charges.

NB: Please contact TDC Shipping to confirm equipment availability and current rates.

Haulage Services

The Shipping Department commenced this service in July 1996, and has since provided haulage for most of the major merchant houses and manufactures on the island. We provide the said services at comparable market rates and offer timely and efficient services irrespective of the location based on the type of cargo to be moved and the location.

Voyage Charter

The Department has been providing the captioned services since early 2000, and have facilitated the movement of all types of cargo to and from Nevis ever since. The department also facilitates the movement of goods to and from neighboring territories.  However, such movements are based on inducement, as same is not affixed to any predetermined fixture or highly advertised sailing schedule.

The vessel can safely accommodate nineteen (19) TEUs on a particular voyage.  The operation is solely ro-ro, therefore, the cargo could be moved with ultimate ease, as the carrier is designed to accommodate such shipments in the absence of any loading or discharging gear.

Agency Representation

We are the authorized agents for the following:

Shipping Lines

CMA/CGM (global service carrying full container loads)

Pure Car Carriers (vehicles originating from Japan)




Freight Forwarders

Xpress Freight Services                  (originating from Miami)
Siboney Shipping                                (originating from Miami)
Cargo Consolidators                        (originating from Trinidad and Tobago)
N2N Logistics – Swift Pac                (originating from New York)
Consolidated Freight Line LLC   (originating from Miami)